Oct 3

Further Developing my Site

Posted in Internet

The first time I had built a website, I was able to get a few hits here and there, although there were not a ton of people coming through to my page. This was alright with me, because I was simply making it to mess around with in my free time and was not driven to seek out a ton of traffic. However, after a friend mentioned to me that I could fill my page with keywords that were likely to rank in Google, I discovered escort search engine optimisation, which is basically an algorithm that Google and the other search engine websites use to decipher between which pages are popular and should be ranked well and which sites should be ranked low. After integrating these techniques into the various pages on my site, I started to see a drastic increase in traffic and was even able to make money through various revenue streams.

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Jul 3

Be Yourself, Relax & Pay Attention

Posted in Hobbies

I went through a pretty rough divorce battle and I was worried about dating because I had just turned forty years old. I decided that I just want to start out with a couple of fuck buddies to see how it would all pan out. Three things that I did learn quickly was to just be myself, relax and pay attention to my partners.

Both of my partners are completely aware that I am speaking with both of them, I figured from the get go that I should be honest. I am not out to try and hurt anyone’s feelings, that is the last thing that I want.

I want to be able to go out and have fun with each other, share some of the same interests and also be romantic when needed. I do find myself spoiling both of my partners sometimes but I can help it that is how I am.

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Jun 23

Fed Up

Posted in Happiness

My husband works out of town half of the month for a construction company. I hate it so much because I am stuck doing EVERYTHING! My workdays I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to get myself ready. After that it is getting the kids dressed, dropped off at daycare and then on to work for 10 hours. When work is over I pick the kids up and get them home and help them with their homework. Dinner has to be made so I always try to make something quick and easy. All of the other household duties such as laundry, dishes and cleaning gets done little by little each day. I have added a new little thing into my schedule, a fuck local when my kids go to bed. It’s very wrong and selfish of me but I am fed up doing everything myself! I see myself on the road to divorce very soon.

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Apr 3

Log on and hook up

Posted in Dating

My friend Sarah is so lonely for a man I told her to try a fuck buddy website. She can hook up with a guy that is smart, kind and yet will still rock her world. Sarah is so shy but deep inside she’s a passionate woman looking for a real relationship with a real man.

From my own experience, I’ve found dating websites are a great help. They can help you find a guy who’s perfect for you and one that lives in your area. My friend Amy tried a dating website and met the man of her dreams. Talking to a guy in a chat room is fun, but if you really want to meet a guy you need to go to a website that specializes in hooking up adults that live in the same area or are willing to travel.

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